Helping Hands is a charity run preschool. This means that a committee runs the preschool. The committee is made up of the parents of the children that attend the preschool as well as the preschool leader. Without parent volunteers on the committee the preschool will close. We are not allowed to open without a committee.

Our committee is responsible for the overall management and smooth-running of the preschool, we work in tandem with the staff. This involves anything from fundraising to upgrading the phone. We are the employer of the staff within the preschool and thus have general responsibility for recruiting, training and developing staff, paying their salaries and managing their contracts of employments. We also have responsibility for issues such as developing a business plan, managing the daily accounts, updating the policies and working with staff to ensure health and safety, risk assessment, insurance and first aid procedures are being followed through and adhered to.

Committee Members

Chair - Danielle T

Treasurer- Shireen R

Secretary - Demi-Louise D

Members - Bill R, Kim X, Claire P