We have received an £800 grant from the MK Community Foundation. This has enabled us to purchase this amazing equipment which will benefit the children in all the seven areas of the EYFS. We would like to say a massive thank you to Katie Ellis for all her hard work and securing us this amazing amount of money.

These are some of the the items we have purchased:

Outdoor Jumbo Guttering Stands , Motor Skills and Balance Set, Balance Riverstones Stepping Stones, Foam Bricks, Cushions, Hairdresser Kit, X-Ray Set, Apron Tree, Code and Go Robot Mouse Set, Giant Teeth Model, Shelves, Trays Natural Fine Motor Set, Finger Gym Tuff Spot Table 


Why do we fundraise?

As a non-profit organisation we have to work to very tight budgets. While the fees we receive cover the basic running costs of our pre-school it is necessary for us to raise additional funds to help with other costs such as purchasing new equipment for the children.

How can you help?

There are a few ways in which you can help. We always need help with events such as cake bakes, book sales and other events in the local community. We are always looking for new members of our "friends of helping hands" group. You can also help raise money for the pre-school through

What is "Friends of Helping Hands"?

Our preschool has a group of people that help out with the fundraising but are not members of the committee. Friends of Helping Hands come up with fundraising ideas and then help out at any events that they can attend. The more volunteers we have the easier it is for us to raise money, all of which goes towards the needs of the children in our preschool.

What is

Please visit our easyFundraising page to find out more.

How we have used the funds we have raised?

These are some of the things that fundraising has helped us purchase.

  • Sand and water toys
  • Metal wheelbarrows
  • Sand and water stand and trays
  • Floor mats
  • Kitchen
  • Kitchen toys
  • Maths trolley equipment
  • Stairgate

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