Our setting


The hall is spacious, it includes a home corner, physical area, mark making table, book corner, mat activities, sand or water and creative area.

Hall Hall Hall 

Registration / Activity Mat

Our mat activities encourage role play, imagination, fine motor skills and understanding of the world. The activities are changed every session.


Chill Out Zone

This is our Chill Out Zone. It is a quiet place the children can go to if they are feeling upset or unsure about something, a staff member can sit and talk to them and make them feel better.

Chillout Zone Chillout Zone  

Maths Mat

The maths mat and trolley are full of games, puzzles, shapes and number activities so children can sort and play turn taking games. They are given opportunity to recognise shape and numbers and group objects.

Maths Mat  

Wooden Blocks

Our wooden blocks help the children develop gross motor skills as they construct with them. They love to pretend they are on a boat, a car, a plane.

Maths Mat   

Home Corner

The home corner activities change weekly, there is a wide variety of themes and equipment, it encourages the children to talk about and share their experiences from home.

Our 'sparkle tent' in the home corner feeds the children's imaginations, allowing them a space to pretend to be somewhere else.

Sparkle Tent

Snack Bar

We promote healthy eating practices, the children are given a choice of healthy snacks at the snack bar - fruit, vegetables, cheese, bread sticks, milk or water, the snack is varied every day.

Snack Bar

Display Wall

Our wall displays what the children have been making at the creative table. 

Display Wall

We also have an achievements wall that we display any achievements that the children are proud of.

Display Wall Display Wall

Book Corner

The book corner is a quiet area where children can go to discover and explore a wide range of books, to have stories read to them and to learn how to handle books and how stories are structured.

Book Corner

Mark Making

The mark making table is very popular, children use stickers, glue different materials, or mark make using pens, pencils and crayons, encouraging fine motor skills and developing their literacy skills.

Mark Making Table Mark Making Table


Activities at the creative table change every session, all children are encouraged to have a go whether it is messy play or cooking or painting. The activities are planned to cover areas in the EYFS such as expressive arts and design and understanding the world, allowing the children to explore using their senses and create something to take home or for our wall displays.

Creative Creative

Water / Sand Table

Either water or sand play is available every day, encouraging children's maths, understanding of the world, creative and physical development.

Water / Sand Table Water / Sand Table Water / Sand Table

Dressing Up

We have lots of dressing up clothes at pre school, the children can be whatever they want to be and take their character to different areas to play or use the dressing up in the home corner to extend their role play activity.

Snack Bar Snack Bar

Interest Table

The interest table is where the children can find out about the theme of the week. Items displayed concentrate on what the letter is that week and what we are talking about in the pre-school. We also have some very colourful and interesting things to look at when we are celebrating a festival such as Diwali or Eid. There are photo albums with pictures of the children and their families on display too.


Outside Area

The activities in the outside area change daily, here the children can pretend to be builders, there is space to play chase games, to try different ways of moving and to also mark make using chalks or an easel.

Outside Area Outside Area Outside Area Outside Area Outside Area Outside Area Outside Area Outside Area Outside Area